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Part 1. Computer Experience and Job Function

This section of the survey has two questions. The first asks for the user’s Windows experience, and the second asks for the user’s job function.

1.1 As a Windows user, I would rate my experience level:

Low 16
Below Average 5
Average 34
Above Average 35
Extensive 10


It was desirable to determine whether the ability to learn DocView was dependent on the respondent’s experience with using other Windows applications. User experience level with Windows was analyzed to see if it had any effect on their use of DocView. Sixteen percent of the respondents stated they had very low initial experience with Windows. All of these people said that DocView was about as easy to learn as other Windows applications (question 6.4).


1.2 My job function is best described by the following terms:

Clinical Medicine 12
Basic Research 22
Administration 5
Library 44
Other… 18

Other fields reported: Education, Software Evaluator, Education and Research, teaching, instructor, secretarial, Department Manager, Technical Support, Basic Lab Research, Document Delivery, Agronomy Research